1984 Nova Scotia general election

1984 Nova Scotia general election

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52 seats of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
27 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader John Buchanan A.M. "Sandy" Cameron
Party Progressive Conservative Liberal
Leader since March 6, 1971 June 8, 1980
Leader's seat Halifax Atlantic Guysborough
(lost re-election)
Last election 37 13
Seats won 42 6
Seat change 5 7
Percentage 50.6% 31.3%
Swing 4.8% 1.9%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Alexa McDonough Paul MacEwan
Party New Democratic Cape Breton Labour
Leader since November 16, 1980 1982
Leader's seat Halifax Chebucto Cape Breton Nova
Last election 1 N/A
Seats won 3 1
Seat change 2 1
Percentage 15.9% 2.0%
Swing 2.2% 2.0%

Premier before election

John Buchanan
Progressive Conservative

Premier after election

John Buchanan
Progressive Conservative

The 1984 Nova Scotia general election was held on November 6, 1984 to elect members of the 54th House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. It was won by the Progressive Conservative party.


Results by party

  Party Leader 1981 Seats won % change Popular vote (%)
  Progressive Conservative John Buchanan 37 42 +14% 209,298 50.6%
  Liberal A.M. "Sandy" Cameron 13 6 -54% 129,310 31.3%
  New Democratic Alexa McDonough 1 3 +300% 65,876 15.9%
     Cape Breton Labour Paul MacEwan 1 1 0% 8,322 2.0%
     Other 0 0 630 0.2%
Total Seats 52 52 413,436 100%
Popular vote
New Democratic
Cape Breton Labour
Seats summary
New Democratic
Cape Breton Labour


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