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An artist is a person who creates art. This word is used most often for persons and activities of 'high culture'. That is for example drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, filmmaking, photography, and music. Sometimes a person who is very good at their job is called an artist, even if it is not considered as art. A scientist or mathematician can be called an artist.


Dictionary definitions

Wiktionary defines the noun 'artist' (one artist, two artists) as follows:

  1. A person who creates (makes) art.
  2. A person who creates art as an occupation, that means the person earns his/her money with art.
  3. A person who is skilled at some activity, that means a person who is very good in something.

History of the term

In ancient Greece there was the word "Techne" which is often translated as art. From this word comes "technical" and America is now the root of words such as technical, technology, etc. The seven muses were the gods of artists in the seven fields of human excellence: • Epic and lyric • History • Choral singing and poetry of love • Music • Tragedy • Religious Hymns • Gay poetry, poetry and rustic comedy • Dance • Astronomy and Geometry.[1]

The word comes from Latin art "ars", that literally means skill method or technique, combined with the beauty of the objects produced. In the Middle Ages already existed the word artist, although its meaning is closer to what we now call the craftsman.[2]

The present day concept of an artist

Concept art expresses a series of creations, called classical arts (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, music, architecture and cinema). However, considering someone as an artist is not limited to a series of works or concrete creations.

An artist is a person exercising the arts and produce artistic works. The artist is someone who has a special sensitivity to create a work or activity. There is no specific classification of what are an artist's own activities .In any case, the concept artist implies knowledge of art and at the same time, is a craft that can be professional but not necessarily. The artist seeks to create an object or activity that has a component of beauty. Very beautiful is one aspect cherished by the creators, but not only that. It also seeks to communicate feelings and ideas and form their own world.[1][3]


An artist is a person able to put their point of view, their way of seeing the world and feel things on a canvas, a sheet or paper. An artist is a dreamer, is a poet, he is a speaker, is someone provided with sensibility sufficient or necessary to make us see things through their eyes.[4]

Examples of art and artists


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