Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
Headquarters building
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Tribune Publishing
Founder(s)James Kelly, John E. Wheeler and Joseph K. C. Forrest
PublisherR. Bruce Dold
EditorR. Bruce Dold
Managing editorsPeter Kendall, Christine Wolfram Taylor
Opinion editorJohn McCormick
Sports editorAmanda Kaschube
Photo editorTodd Panagopoulos
FoundedJune 10, 1847; 173 years ago
Political alignmentConservative
Headquarters160 N Stetson Ave
Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 60601
CountryUnited States
Circulation448,930 daily
331,190 Saturday
853,324 Sunday[1]
ISSN1085-6706  (print)
2165-171X  (web)
OCLC number60639020

Chicago Tribune is a major newspaper that serves Chicago, Illinois. It was founded on June 10, 1847 by James Kelly, John E. Wheeler and Joseph K. C. Forrest. The Tribune was also known for running the wrong result in its headline, "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" during the 1948 United States presidential election which it was expected Thomas E. Dewey would defeat Harry S. Truman.


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