FieldTurf is a type of "fake" grass used in stadiums. It was created by FieldTurf Tarkett division of Tarkett Inc., a company from Calhoun, Georgia, USA. In the 1990's, the design was to replicate real grass. Eventually, the FieldTurf became the best in the industry.

FieldTurf is made by many fibers, and the bottom is made of silica sand, which is a mixture of sand and ruber.

The first major use was for American football at the University of Nebraska's Memorial Stadium in 1999. After that, other famous stadiums began using it. Association football's first use of FieldTurf was in January 1997 when the English club of Middlesbrough used for it for their training ground. "Fake" grass such as FieldTurf is not liked by major association football companies. No Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup match has been played on FieldTurf. Saprissa Stadium in Costa Rica used FieldTurf for a FIFA World Cup qualifying round. 50% of the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup stadiums had FieldTurf. Many players do not like playing on FieldTurf, but FIFA has said that FieldTurf will be widely used one day.

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