Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales in August 2019
Jimmy Donal Wales

August 7, 1966 (age 54)[note]
NationalityUnited States
Other namesJimbo (online nickname)
Alma materAuburn University
University of Alabama
Indiana University Bloomington
OccupationInternet entrepreneur
Known forCo-founding Wikipedia
TitlePresident of Wikia, Inc. (2004–present)
Chairman, Wikimedia Foundation (June 2003 – October 2006)
Chairman Emeritus, Wikimedia Foundation (October 2006-present)
SuccessorFlorence Devouard
Board member ofWikimedia Foundation, Creative Commons, Socialtext, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (advisory board)
AwardsEFF Pioneer Award (2006), The Economist's Business Process Award (2008), The Global Brand Icon of the Year Award (2008)
WebsitePersonal weblog
English Wikipedia userpage

Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (/ˈdnəl ˈwlz/; born August 7, 1966[1]) is an American Internet entrepreneur, best known as a co-founder of Wikipedia and Wikia.[2][3] Wales was born in Huntsville, Alabama, United States. There, he went to Randolph School. He then earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance. In 1996, he and two partners founded Bomis. Bomis was an Internet portal with entertainment and adult content. The company gave money for Nupedia (2000–2003) and, after that, Wikipedia.

Personal life

Wales has been married three times. He also has two children.[4][5] When he was 20, Wales married Pam.[5] Pam was a worker at a store in Alabama.[5] He met his second wife, Christine Rohan, through a friend in Chicago.[4] They had a daughter before their marriage ended. Wales moved to San Diego in 1998. In 2002, he moved again to Florida.[6] In 2007, he still lived there.[7] As of 2012 he lives in London, England.[8] In 2012, Wales married Kate Garvey, a government worker for Tony Blair.[9] They have a child together.[source?]

Wales says that he follows the ideas of Objectivism. He also says that he is a libertarian to some extent, meaning that he thinks people should be allowed to do whatever they want so long as they do not hurt others.


On January 15, 2001, with Larry Sanger and others, Wales started Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free, open content encyclopedia. It grew and became popular very quickly. As Wikipedia became known to the public, he became the project’s promoter and spokesperson. He is often called a co-founder of Wikipedia, though he has argued against the "co-" part. He said he was the only founder.[10][11] Wales is on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. In 2004, he co-founded Wikia, a wiki-hosting service which tries to make money. In 2015, Wales started the Jimmy Wales Foundation for freedom of expression, to try to help bloggers or internet activists who are in prison. [12]


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