List of disasters -

List of disasters

This is a list of disasters, both natural and man-made.


Classical-Era disasters

Biblical disasters

Modern-Era disasters

Dam disasters

Environmental disasters

Nuclear disasters

Up to this day, most nuclear incidents did not cause many deaths, except for the Chernobyl disaster and Windscale fire. Some of the incidents in the early nuclear age were not well documented or were kept secret. Here is a list of the known nuclear incidents.

War disasters

An attack with much collateral damage may be considered a disaster, such as the attack on KdF Ship Wilhelm Gustloff, 1945, the worst or perhaps second worst maritime incident in history, in terms of loss of life in a single vessel (see also note at the end of the article RMS Titanic).

Air disasters

This is a list of disasters involving objects in flight or near-flight. See also: List of space disasters, List of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners, Incidents in Aviation

Railroad disasters

Ship and ferry disasters

Fire disasters

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