List of places burned during the Balkan wars -

List of places burned during the Balkan wars

List of places burned during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913) is a list of places totally or partly burned during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913).


List of places burned during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913)
Name Date Pre-war population Deaths Notes
province of Monastir 1912 Eighty per cent of the Muslim villages in the Monastir province were burned down during the occupation by the Serbian and Greek army. This was calculated by the British Macedonian relief fund. (page 72)
Villages of Raionovo, Planitsa, Kukurtevo autumn 1912 over 700 The Bulgarian bands led by Donchev burned in one day 345 Turkish houses in three villages and massacred men, women and children. The massacres of women and children was credited by Europeans. (page 74)
Kilkis July 4, 1913 13,000 74 Totally ruined by the Greek army and over 40 Bulgarian villages in the surrounding countryside were burned. (page 99-100)
Serres July 11, 1913 30,000 200 4,000 of the 6,000 houses were destroyed, the commission found the Bulgarian army mainly responsible. (page 92)
Doxato July 13, 1913 500 Only 30 of the 270 Greek houses were left intact.
Giannitsa 1912 The Turkish part of the town was almost totally burned down. This happened during the occupation of the town by the main Greek army. (page 72)
Strumica August 21-23 1913 Turkish and Greek part of the town were burned by the Greek army before their retreat. ( page 204-205-206)
Havsa 1912 10 The Turkish quarter of Havsa was almost entirely burnt by the Bulgarians. One mosque and Muslim cemetery were damaged and defiled. Four remaining Turkish families were killed and the women raped. (page 124)
Soyoutli-dere and Iskender-keuï 1912 Over 150 houses were burned in these two Turkish villages near Havsa and the population fled to Anatolia and Adrianople. (page 126)
Yenimuhacir July 7, 1913 2,132 450 all 420 houses burned of the Bulgarian village Bulgarköy near Keşan.
Osmanlı 1913 In revenge for the earlier anti Muslim events in Havsa all 114 houses of the Bulgarian village Osmanlı near Havsa were destroyed by the returning Turks. The population fled to Adrianople and lost their cattle. (page 124)
Hasköy (near Havsa) 1912 Only 25 of 55 houses of the Turkish part of the village survived.


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