North American Soccer League

North American Soccer League
CountryUnited States and Canada
Level on pyramid2
Most championshipsNew York Cosmos (3)

North American Soccer League (NASL) is a soccer league with teams from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The league was founded in 2009 and began play in 2011. It is the second level of the soccer pyramid in both the U.S. and Canada, behind Major League Soccer. Puerto Rico has its own soccer league, but it plays at a level below the NASL.

The New York Cosmos are the most successful club with 3 titles.


Team City Stadium Founded Joined Color Head Coach
Atlanta Silverbacks Atlanta, GA Atlanta Silverbacks Park 1998 2010 Red, Black, White Alex Pineda Chacón
North Carolina FC Cary, NC WakeMed Soccer Park 2006 2010 Orange, Blue, White Colin Clarke
FC Edmonton Edmonton, AB Foote Field 2010 2011 Blue, White Harry Sinkgraven
Fort Lauderdale Strikers Fort Lauderdale, FL Lockhart Stadium 2006 2010 Yellow, Red, Black Daryl Shore
Minnesota Stars Blaine, MN National Sports Center 2010 2010 Blue, Gold Manny Lagos
Puerto Rico FC Bayamón, PR Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium 2015 2016 Orange, White, Sky Blue Adrian Whitbread
San Antonio Scorpions San Antonio, TX Heroes Stadium 2010 2012 Red, Black. Gold Tim Hankinson
Tampa Bay Rowdies St. Petersburg, FL Progress Energy Park 2008 2010 Green, Gold Ricky Hill

Old NASL Champions

At that time the old (NASL) North American Soccer League from 1968-1984 was the top league in the American league pyramid.

Season Champions Runner-up
1968 Atlanta Chiefs San Diego Toros
1969 Kansas City Spurs Atlanta Chiefs
1970 Rochester Lancers Washington Darts
1971 Dallas Tornado Atlanta Chiefs
1972 New York Cosmos St. Louis Stars
1973 Philadelphia Atoms Dallas Tornado
1974 Los Angeles Aztecs Miami Toros
1975 Tampa Bay Rowdies Portland Timbers
1976 Toronto Metros-Croatia Minnesota Kicks
1977 New York Cosmos Seattle Sounders
1978 New York Cosmos Tampa Bay Rowdies
1979 Vancouver Whitecaps Tampa Bay Rowdies
1980 New York Cosmos Fort Lauderdale Strikers
1981 Chicago Sting New York Cosmos
1982 New York Cosmos Seattle Sounders
1983 Tulsa Roughnecks Toronto Blizzard
1984 Chicago Sting Toronto Blizzard

The most successful team in the old NASL were the New York Cosmos with five titles.

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