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LocationBaltic Sea
Area926.4 km2 (357.7 sq mi)
Length51.4 km (31.94 mi)
Width42.8 km (26.59 mi)
Coastline574 km (356.7 mi)
Highest elevation161 m (528 ft)
Pop. density79 /km2 (205 /sq mi)

Rügen (lat. Rugia) is the biggest island in Germany. There are several cities on the island. These include : Putbus, Garz, Binz, Bergen auf Rügen, Sassnizt, Glowe, Trent, Schaprode and Göhren. The island has a 77,000 population (according to the 2006 census). The island is about 926 square kilometers (or 357 square miles). The island is in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Rügen is also one of the most famous places to go in Germany for vacation.


Rügen is in the northeast part of Germany in the Baltic Sea. The main landmass, Muttland, is surrounded my many peninsulas. There are also two national German park located on the island : Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park and Jasmund National Park.

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