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Andrew the Apostle
Saint Andrew by Artus Wolffort
BornEarly 1st century
Bethsaida, Judea, Roman Empire
DiedMid- to late 1st century
Patras, Achaia, Roman Empire
Venerated inAll of Christianity
CanonizedApostolic age by Pre-congregation
Feast30 November
AttributesOld man with long (in the East often untidy) white hair and beard, holding the Gospel Book or scroll, sometimes leaning on a saltire
PatronageScotland, Barbados, Ukraine, Russia, Sicily, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Patras, Diocese of Parañaque, City of Manila,[1] Amalfi, Luqa (Malta) and Prussia; Diocese of Victoria fishermen, fishmongers and rope-makers

Saint Andrew is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and the patron saint of Scotland, Romania, Ukraine and several other countries. He was crucified on a cross that was turned sideways to look like an "X". The Saint Andrew's flag is the official flag of Scotland. On St Andrew's Day, many people in Scotland wear a thistle.

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