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Helena of Constantinople

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Saint Helena
Eastern Orthodox icon of Saint Constantine the Great and his mother Saint Helena
Empress; Mother of Constantine the Great
Bornca. 250
Drepanum, Bithynia, Asia Minor
Diedca. 330
Constantinople, Roman Empire (now modern-day Istanbul, Turkey)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Churches
Oriental Orthodoxy
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Church
Major shrineThe shrine to Saint Helena in St. Peter's Basilica
FeastAugust 18 (Roman Catholic Church); May 21 (Lutheran & Orthodox Churches); May 19 (Lutheran Church); 9 Pashons (Coptic Orthodox Church)
Patronagearcheologists, converts, difficult marriages, divorced people, empresses, Helena, the capital of Montana

Saint Helena (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta) also known as Saint Helen, Helena Augusta or Helena of Constantinople (ca. 250 – ca. 330) was the consort of Emperor Constantius, and the mother of Emperor Constantine I. She is traditionally credited with finding the relics of the True Cross.

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