Table (furniture) -

Table (furniture)

A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top supported by one or more legs. We put things on a table, often for a short time, for example food and knives and forks, etc. at a meal, cups for drinks, a book, a map, writing paper when writing, and things for hobbies.

We also put things on tables for a longer time, for example a TV, computer or decorations (pretty things). Often we put a cloth on the table, flat on the top. There are traditional ways of putting the cloth, knives and forks and food on the table for meals.

We can make some tables bigger, for example by pulling the top out. We can also fold some tables to transport them better, for example for camping. There are also small tables in trains and planes which we can fold or open. Some round tables come with a Lazy Susan. This is a rotating piece of wood in the center of the table. A table for use outdoors is called a picnic table.[1]

Traditionally, tables in Japan, chabudai, are low, sometimes round tables, for tea and food.

The name of the international organization Mensa is from the Latin word for table.

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