Young Concert Artists Trust

The Young Concert Artists Trust, usually called YCAT (pronounced like "why cat?") is a trust which organizes competitions for young musicians in the United Kingdom who play classical music.

Young musicians can apply to take part in the competition (in 2010 there were 120 applicants). There are two rounds to select the best of them, and a final competition which takes place in a concert hall in front of an audience. The winners get the chance to play in several concerts and recitals in famous concert halls such as the Wigmore Hall and Purcell Room in London and the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

YCAT was founded in 1984 by Michael Kaye (following discussions between concert pianist Jack Gibbons and Sir Simon Hornby, chairman of W.H.Smith, YCAT's first sponsor[1]). The competitions have been held now for 25 years. It can be won by individual people (one person) or by small chamber groups.

The YCAT gets its money from organizations and individual people who give money to it.

In 2010 YCAT celebrates its 25th anniversary with two gala concerts at the Wigmore Hall. YCAT award winners from previous years will be playing together with the YCAT winners of today.

YCAT winners over the years have included the Belcea Quartet, Leopold String Trio, the violist Philip Dukes, cellist Li-Wei Qin, double bassist Dominic Seldis and violinists So-Ock Kim,Laurent Korcia and Thomas Gould.[2]


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